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Spanish Guests Stars announced for Scott Alan’s debut concert in Barcelona

Momo Cortés, Miquel Fernández, Mireia Mambo, Mercè Martínez, Julia Möller, Nina, Sara Pi, Marta Ribera, Carlos Solano and West End star Madalena Alberto, et al, under artistic direction of Daniel Anglès, will perform at L’Auditori on 11th May.

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The names of the more than 20 Spanish Guests performers that will sing the songs of American composer Scott Alan in his debut concert in Barcelona have been announced. ‘Scott Alan: Barcelona & Friends’ will take place on Monday 11th May 2015 at Barcelona´s L´Auditori (Sala Oriol Martorell) under the artistic direction of Daniel Anglès.

The Spanish musical theatre guest performers are (in alphabetical order): Daniel Anglès (RENT, HEDWIG), Víctor Arbelo (MAR I CEL), Mariona Castillo (MARES I FILLES, Donna in MAMMA MIA!), Chipper (HAIR, ‘Operación Triunfo’), Eva María Cortés (HAIR, FAMA), Momo Cortés (HAIR, FAMA, WWRY), Deudeveu (‘Oh Happy Day’), Miquel Fernández (RENT), Gisela (BOSCOS ENDINS, 40 EL MUSICAL), Ferran González (PEGADOS, MIERDA DE ARTISTA), Júlia Jové (MAR I CEL), Ivan Labanda (‘Polònia’, GUAPOS & POBRES), Mireia Mambo (Deloris in SISTER ACT), Mercè Martínez (LA BELLA Y LA BESTIA, T’ESTIMO, ETS PERFECTE…), Elena Medina (Fantine in LOS MISERABLES), Júlia Möller (MAR I CEL, ALOMA, FOLLIES), Mone (BOSCOS ENDINS, MAMMA MIA!), Nina (MARES I FILLES, MAMMA MIA!), Sara Pi, Marta Ribera (CABARET, ‘The Hole 2’), Gara Roda (Maria Roberta in SISTER ACT), Carlos Solano (Enjolrás in LOS MISERABLES) and Joan Vázquez (FLOR DE NIT-EL CABARET, HAIR); with the special appearance of West End Star Madalena Alberto (EVITA, LES MISÉRABLES, JEKYLL & HYDE) direct from London.

A few days after offering four sold out concerts in London alongside West End stars in May, Scott Alan will arrive in Barcelona to offer live the songs that have captivated a whole generation of musical theatre lovers, with memorable melodies and captivating lyrics.

Scott Alan has said: “I feel very fortunate to be making my concert debut in Barcelona and having this incredible opportunity to work alongside some of the most cherished performers in Spain.  Every artist has to have that moment in their career were they remove their ego and remind themselves that most people in Barcelona don’t know my work. This is an incredible opportunity to open myself up to a brand new fan base.  With most of my lyrics being translated into Spanish for the May 11th concert event it will give the audience a real understanding of what truly sits behind the meaning of each song. Plus, there is nothing sexier than the Spanish language and I can’t wait to hear new interpretations of my work.”

Having released six albums since 2008, Scott Alan has sold out concerts of his music in New York City, London, Holland, Germany, San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles and Australia; and his song have been performed by performers such as Natalie Weiss, Samantha Barks, Kerry Ellis, Eden Espinosa, Shoshana Bean, Liz Callaway, Stephanie J. Block, Hadley Fraser, Stuart Matthew Price, Oliver Tompsett or Cynthia Erivo.

If you’ve ever attended a Scott Alan concert before, you know to always expect the unexpected. Alan attracts the brightest talent and this evening will be no exception. As in past, each guest will be a surprise guest – but be sure to expect a night filled with theatre, film, music and TV stars all singing praises to Mr. Alan’s incredible body of work.

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