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Nina and Daniel Anglès will be the guest stars of Madalena Alberto’s concert in Barcelona

Both performers will sing a duet with the West End star in this intimate evening under the musical direction of Alfonso Casado which will take place on Monday 3rd December 2012 at La Cova del Drac.

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Catalan leading musical theatre performers Nina and Daniel Anglès will be the special guest stars of the intimate concert that West End star Madalena Alberto will offer at Barcelona’s La Cova del Drac on Monday 3rd December 2012 (9.30pm) under the musical direction of Alfonso Casado on the piano.

Nina and Daniel Anglès will sing a duet with Madalena Alberto, presenting an unique moment that will reunite on the stage two well-known Spanish performers with the artist who starred as Fantine in the acclaimed 25th Anniversary Tour production of LES MISÉRABLES.

Nina has an extensive career as an actress and singer in Spain, starring in musical shows such as CABARET, T’ODIO AMOR MEU, CASEM-NOS UNA MICA, COMPANY, CORRE CORRE DIVA or MAMMA MIA!, where she played the role of Donna for six years. In 2011 she starred in ‘De Broadway al Paral·lel’ concert tour with the ‘Ensemble de la Orquestra de Cadaquès’. Nina is currently the President of the Catalan Association of Voice Teachers and the Director and founder of Ninastudio, a private centre focused in the training of voice and body.

Daniel Anglès is currently the resident director of the Spanish production of THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. He directed the recent Spanish production of HAIR and was the resident director of the successful Spanish production of MAMMA MIA! He is a co-founder and the director of the Catalan Musical Theatre company El Musical Més Petit, directing and starring in shows such as AQUESTS 5 ANYS (THE LAST 5 YEARS), JUGANT A RODGERS, EL SOMNI DE MOZART or TU, JO, ELL, ELLA... I WEBBER I SCHÖNBERG. Daniel´s credits as a performer include the roles of Charlie in MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG, Hedwig in HEDWIG & THE ANGRY INCH, Mark Cohen in RENT and Gringoire in NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS. Daniel is the founder and the director of Aules, a Musical Theatre School in Barcelona, where he also offers singing lessons.

West End Star Madalena Alberto will make her Spanish debut with this intimate evening at Barcelona’s La Cova del Drac, performing some of the songs that have marked her career in Musical Theatre, such as “I Dreamed a Dream” from LES MISÉRABLES, and also offering the audience some of her own compositions.

Originally from Lisbon, Madalena moved to London with a scholarship to enrol on a performing arts degree; and since her graduation she has developed a successful career in Musical Theatre. She has recently performed the role of Lucy in the acclaimed Morphic Graffiti production of JEKYLL AND HYDE at the Union Theatre. She also played the role of Fantine in the acclaimed 25th Anniversary International Tour production of LES MISÉRABLES which finished at London’s Barbican Center on October 2010. In Spring 2011 she performed in a new production of GODSPELL directed by Michael Strassen at the Union Theatre. And she has also starred in shows such as FAME, CHICAGO, ZORRO THE MUSICAL and OVER THE THRESHOLD. Alongside her career as an actress, Madalena has recently developed a career as a singer / songwriter.

Alfonso Casado is currently conducting the original production of LES MISÉRABLES at the Queen’s Theatre in London. The Sevillian musician has been the Musical Director of the Spanish productions of MAMMA MIA!, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and LOS MISERABLES, having received multiple awards on his latest work.

The emblematic Catalan venue of La Cova del Drac, is resemblant to the illustrious live performance spaces in New York, like Birdland Jazz Club or Café Carlyle, or the recently opened London Hippodrome, where the greatest Broadway and West End stars offer their intimate concerts.

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