Cd A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

1. Overture/Prologue: A Warning to the Audience
2. You’re a D’Ysquith
3. I Don’t Know What I’d Do
4. Foolish to Think
5. A Warning to Monty
6. I Don’t Understand the Poor
7. Foolish to Think (Reprise)
8. Poison in My Pocket
9. Poor Monty
10. Better With a Man
11. Inside Out
12. Lady Hyacinth Abroad
13. The Last One You’d Expect
14. Why Are All the D’Ysquiths Dying
15. Why Are All the D’Ysquiths Dying (Reprise)
16. Sibella
17. I’ve Decided to Marry You
18. Final Warning
19. Poison in My Pocket (Reprise)
20. Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun
21. Stop! Wait! What?!
22. That Horrible Woman
23. Finale