Cd/Dvd PARADE (Original London Cast Recording)

Disco 1
1. Prologue (The Old Red Hills of Home)
2. Dialogue: Leo and Lucille´s Bedroom
3. The Dream Of Atlanta
4. How Can I Call This Home?
5. The Picture Show
6. National Pencil Factory (What Am I Waiting For?)
7. Interrogation: I Amtrying to Remember
8. Dialogue: Leo Frank´s Cell
9. Cemetery at Marietta (There Is a Fountain/It Don´t Make Sense)
10. Lullaby
11. Dialogue: The Governor´s Mansion
12. Something Ain´t Right
13. Real Big News
14. Outside Fulton Tower (You Don´t Know This Man)
15. Dialogue: A Visitors Room at Fulton Jail
16. Outside Fulton County Jail (Hammer of Justice)
17. Twenty Miles from Marietta
18. The Factory Girls/Come Up into My Office
19. Minola McKnight´s Testimony
20. My Child Will Forgive Me
21. That´s What He Said
22. It´s Hard to Speak My Heart
23. Closing Statement Cakewalk

1. The Governor´s Mansion (A Rumblin´ and a Rollin´)
2. The Fulton Tower (Do It Alone)
3. The Ballroom in the Governor´s Mansion (Pretty Music)
4. Fishing on the Judge´s Estate (The Glory)
5. The Fulton Tower, The National Pencil Factory, And the Franks´ Home (This Is Not Over Yet)
6. Minnie McKnight´s Reprise
7. Hot Georgia Roadside (Feel the Rain Fall)
8. The Governor´s Mansion (Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes?)
9. Leo´s Call (All the Wasted Time)
10. Later That Night (Abduction and Hanging)
11. The Frank House (Sh´ma/The Old Red Hills of Home)