Disco 1
1. Prologue
2. The Coney Island Waltz
3. That´s the place you ruined, you fool!
4. A Little Slice of Heaven
5. Only For Him/Only For You
6. The Ayrie
7. ´Till I Hear You Sing
8. Giry Confronts the Phantom/´Till I Hear You Sing (Reprise)
9. Christine Disembarks
10. Arrival of the Trio/Are You Ready to Begin?
11. What a Dreadful Town!
12. Look With Your Heart
13. Beneath a Moonless Sky
14. Once Upon Another Time
15. Mother Please, I´m Scared!
16. Dear Old Friend
17. Beautiful
18. The Beauty Underneath
19. The Phantom Confronts Christine

Disco 2
1. Entr´acte
2. Why Does She Love Me?
3. Devil Take the Hindmost
4. A Little Slice of Heaven (Reprise)
5. Ladies... Gents!/The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise)
6. Bathing Beauty
7. Mother, Did You Watch?
8. Before the Performance
9. Devil Take the Hindmost (Quartet)
10. Love Never Dies
11. Ah, Christine!...
12. Gustave! Gustave!...
13. Please, Miss Giry, I Want to Go Back...