Cd THE SOUND OF MUSIC (1959 Original Broadway Cast)

1. Act I: Preludium
2. Act I: The Sound Of Music
3. Act I: Maria
4. Act I: My Favorite Things
5. Act I: Do-Re-Mi
6. Act I: Sixteen Going On Seventeen
7. Act I: The Lonely Goatherd
8. Act I: How Can Love Survive?
9. Act I: The Sound Of Music (Reprise)
10. Act I: Laendler
11. Act I: So Long, Farewell
12. Act I: Climb Ev´ry Mountain
13. Act II: No Way To Stop It
14. Act II: An Ordinary Couple
15. Act II: Processional
16. Act II: Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Reprise)
17. Act II: Edelweiss
18. Act II: Climb Ev´ry Mountain (Reprise)
19. Bonus Track: The Sound Of Music-A Symphonic Picture For Orchestra
20. Bonus Track: Do-Re-Mi