Cd CAROUSEL (1994 Broadway Revival Cast)

1. Prologue: The Carousel Waltz
2. You´re a Queer One, Julie Jordan 
3. Mister Snow 
4. If I Loved You (Introduction) 
5. If I Loved You 
6. Give It to ´Em Good, Carrie...
7. June Is Bustin´ Out All Over 
8. Mister Snow (Reprise) 
9. When Children Are Asleep 
10. Blow High, Blow Low 
11. Soliloquy 
12. A Real Nice Clambake 
13. Geraniums in the Winder 
14. Stonecutters Cut It on Stone 
15. What´s the Use of Wond´rin´ 
16. You´ll Never Walk Alone 
17. Pas de Deux 
18. If I Loved You (Reprise) 
19. You´ll Never Walk Alone (Reprise)