Cd ANNIE (The Broadway Musical 30th Anniversary Production)

Disco 1
1. Overture
2. Maybe
3. It´s the Hard-Knock Life
4. It´s the Hard-Knock Life (Reprise)
5. Tomorrow
6. We´d Like to Thank You, Herbert Hoover
7. Little Girls
8. Little Girls (Reprise)
9. I Think I´m Gonna Like It Here
10. N.Y.C.
11. Easy Street
12. You Won´t Be an Orphan for Long
13. Maybe (Reprise)
14. Entr´acte
15. You´re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
16. You´re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (Reprise)
17. Easy Street (Reprise)
18. Tomorrow (Reprise)
19. Something Was Missing
20. Annie
21. I Don´t Need Anything But You
22. Maybe (Reprise)
23. A New Deal for Christmas
24. Finale; Tomorrow

Disco 2
1. "The story as told by Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan…"
2. 1934 (cantado por Presnell)
3. "Miss Hannigan Continues"
4. 1934 (Reprise)
5. Miss Hannigan Continues"
6. How Could I Ever Say No? (cantado por Struthers y Beach)
7. "Miss Hannigan Continues"
8. The Lady of the House (cantado por Charnin y Burch, como Drake y Grace)
9. He Doesn´t Know I´m Alive (cantado por Burch)
10. "Miss Hannigan Continues"
11. The Lady of the House (Reprise)
12. "Miss Hannigan Continues"
13. Coney Island
14. "Miss Hannigan Continues"
15. "Interruption & Explanation by Martin Charnin"
16. All I´ve Got Is Me (cantado por Balon)
17. I Guess Things Happen for the Best (cantado por O´Donnell)
18. My Daddy (cantado por McArdle)
19. "Miss Hannigan Concludes"
20. Tomorrow Is Now (cantado por Presnell)

Bonus Tracks
21. "Introduction of Bonus Material by Andrea McArdle"
22. Why Should I Change a Thing? (cantado por Schuck)
23. Don´t Mess with Mother (tema añadido en el revival de Annie que coincidió con el 20 aniversario del musical, cantado por Kathie Lee Gifford)
24. It´s Christmas (esta canción es de un programa especial para televisión en el que participaron cuatro antiguas Annies: Andrea McArdle, Marissa O´Donnell, Kathryn Zaremba y Amanda Balon)