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Simon Greiff, Haydn Gwynne and Madalena Alberto unveal some details about the MMD 20th Anniversary Gala

Greiff directs this special concert that will take place on Sunday 14 October 2012 at West End’s Novello Theatre, which will present 30 songs celebrating the work of 40 writers with nearly 60 performers, including Haydn Gwynne and Madalena Alberto.

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Mercury Musical Developments will celebrate its 20th Anniversary Gala on Sunday 14th October 2012 at 8pm at London’s Novello Theatre. The show, which is presented as “a celebration of British shows past, present and future by MMD members”, is directed by Simon Greiff, who tells us that they are “presenting over 30 songs, which means celebrating over 40 writers, with nearly 60 performers”. According Greif, it has been hard getting all the composers and performers together for one night only: “It’s been a challenge, but we all hope a night to remember!”.

As Simon explains: “The gala is a celebration! An evening showcasing the wealth of work from MMD members –past, present and future.”

Haydn Gwynne and Madalena Alberto are two of the West End stars who will perform at the gala next Sunday alongside Janie Dee, Sally Anne Triplett, David Bedella, Paul Kaye, Claire Moore, Hayley Gallivan, Maria Friedman, Michael Xavier, Danielle Hope, Alison Jiear, Tam Mutu, Stuart Matthew Price, Lucy May Barker, James Bourne and many more.

Madalena –who recently starred in JEKYLL & HYDE at the Union Theatre and is well-known due to the role of Fantine in LES MISÉRABLES 25th Anniversary Tour production– tells us that she will be “performing a duet with Michael Xavier from Craig Adams musical THERESE RAQUIN” and that, so far, rehearsals are going well: “It has been wonderful to get to know Michael and Craig and we have had such a fun relaxed rehearsal time, while at the same time trying to portray the whole story and truth of the piece in just that one song! It is great to have the opportunity to work on Therese´s character even if briefly and I am very looking forward to meeting the rest of the guys!”

Simon Greiff also tells as that rehearsals are going “very good, most performers are fresh to de material, so rehearsals have had to be fast, efficient, but fun!”.

On the other hand, Haydn Gwynne –who originated the role of Mrs Wilkinson in the West End and in the Broadway production of BILLY ELLIOT– hasn’t had the chance to rehearse with her colleagues yet: “We haven’t met yet, we’ll meet for the first time on Sunday”, so she admits she’s kind of “peeing in my pants”, using a well-know English expression. Haydn will be “presenting an award for new writing and also singing a song from a new musical that hasn’t been heard in London yet written by Michael Feinstein. He’s an American composer, and the show is called THE GOLD ROOM.”

Haydn adds that she has been involved with MMD in the last few years: “I did a workshop of a new musical by writer and composer Gwyneth Herbert, and I also hosted the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year Competition, which also includes a new songwriting element, and that side is nurtured by MMD. So I know them well.”. And talking about the work of MMD, Haydn says: “From where I’m sitting now I could say they came a long way. They are the only organization doing this kind of work, so I’d say they are very important.”

The three of them highlight the importance of supporting new writing: “I believe new writers are the future (haha)”, says Madalena, who adds “well, for us actors who enjoy the work, we need to keep supporting the ones who will create it. It is so heart warming to see talented people sharing their gifts and talents; fresh new blood with new ideas, new approaches, that is what evolution is all about.” And Haydn thinks that “it’s very hard to get really new material off the ground these days. It’s need all the help they can get.”

Whereas Simon points out that they need to be heard. “people get to hear their words and music! and we, as an audience get to experience the talent we have in this country! I’m also using the most talented performers I could gather together (not to mention a wonderful 7 piece band led by Steve Ridley and Sarah Travis). I was thrilled to be ask to direct and create this evening for MMD!”.

Regarding working with new material in their careers, Madalena says: “I get so excited when I am asked to work on new material! It´s like to be part of history, of creating something that comes from someone´s concept in a thought into real life. I have worked with some incredibly talent composers, with Christopher Hamilton on his musical OVER THE THRESHOLD, with Gweneth Herbert on a workshop of a new musical, and with Craig Adams now and hopefully more in the future.”

On the other hand Haydn tells us that working in a big new original musical show it’s very hard work: “I was involved in the Original Production of BILLY ELLIOT in London and I also joined the Broadway production. When you are involved in a brand new musical there are two sides: one is of course very exciting, but on the other hand it’s difficult, there’s a lot of stress, there are a lot of people involved. So much changing but it’s also so rewarding.”

Haydn, which now is touring the UK with the play ‘Duet for One’, admits than working in a musical is harder than in a play, and that the work musical performers are not quite recognized by some people: “I’ve done more straight theatre than musical, and I think that musicals are the hardest work that actors can do. You need an enormous amount of stamina, you’re always worrying about you can or can’t do. I’ve recently done ‘Richard III’ with Kevin Spacey and when you do a tragedy, everybody says “oh, how do you do it?”... They think it must be so hard for you, but when you’re doing a musical everybody says “oh, you must have a lot of fun!”. And actually doing musicals –acting, singing, dancing, smiling and all of that– is much harder.”
After hearing all that Simon, Haydn and Madalena says, is more obvious that Mercury Musical Developments 20th Anniversary gala is a date not to be missed for musical theatre lovers and for people who aims to discover new work.

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